June Birthstone Bracelet - Pearl

Choose your own birthstone, those of loved ones, or simply your favourite colour! Made from 925 silver or gold filled beads, these are very durable and are perfect for every day wear.  They look elegant on their own or layered together!


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June Birthstone Bracelet - Pearl

Greetings Card

    White freshwater pearls and 925 silver beads - 45CHF

    White freshwater pearls and gold filled beads - 60CHF


    Sizing guide 

    Wrist measurement       Bracelet length        Size

    15-16cm                        16.5cm                    S

    16-17.5cm                      17.5cm                    M

    18cm+                           19cm                      L


    To ensure the longevity of your bracelet, simply roll it over your wrist rather than pulling it over

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