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How to Accessorise with Necklaces

Updated: Nov 24, 2021

Written by Liz Le Feuvre at Swiss Blue for Vivamost Magazine

Necklaces can sometimes be tricky to wear, but if you follow a few rules, wearing one can make you feel special everyday!

Some necklines are easier to work with than others. One of the golden rules is to NOT have a necklace that is the same length as your neckline. It can look messy and will drive you to distraction with it popping in and out of your top all the time. Try to aim for 1-2cm’s gap between the necklace and the neck line of your top.

High necklines – turtle necks, boat necks, crew necks, cowl necks

Anything with a high neckline works well with long necklaces. Look out for ones with adjustable lengths too as each different body shape will need a different length long necklace. Many tops of this style are single colour so this is where you can get creative with a bit of colour in the jewellery, but equally plain silver or gold are striking on single colour clothes.

Cowl necklines can be difficult but can work with a small choker necklace or a longer necklace worn tucked under the cowl. Often, it is better to let the neckline of the top speak for itself and wear a pair of statement earrings instead.

Shirt necks

These are sometimes hard to style with a collar, but always work well with a discreet small necklace just visible between the collar lines. Or, you can go bolder and more casual and wear a longer necklace through the open collar, but never under the collar!

Round Necks

Try to choose pieces that follow the curves, even a V shape necklace works if there are curves in it.

V Necks

Again, try to compliment the neckline with longer drop necklaces that follow the V shape.

Layering Necklaces

This is one of my favourites and can work well with two mid-length necklaces, and with a contrast of long and choker necklaces.

Have fun pulling everything out and rediscovering old favourites and see how you can wear them with new pieces by layering them up together.

Storing necklaces

How many of us have spent hours trying to detangle necklaces? I know I have, despite knowing better! It really is worth taking the extra 2 seconds when you take a necklace off, to put it in a small plastic ziploc pouch, or the box it came in, rather than just throwing it in the drawer. It will avoid hours of detangling, or having to repair broken chains, and in addition, if you use a little anti-tarnish square in each bag, it will help keep your necklace looking bright and shiny! Drop me a line if you want to buy any of the anti-tarnish squares.

Liz Le Feuvre

Liz set up Swiss Blue jewellery three years ago and is inspired by the colours and textures found by the lakes and mountains in Switzerland. She enjoys creating pieces that are attractive and enduring, using high quality materials and stones, and loves to make jewellery that makes YOU feel special everyday!

Free shipping is offered throughout Switzerland.

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