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A closer look at the May birthstone...

For Vivamost Magazine by Liz Le Feuvre of Swiss Blue

In many cultures birthstones are a well established tradition whereby a gem is associated with a birth month. Each stone has a special meaning and it is believed by many that wearing your birthstone will bring good fortune.

The birthstone for May is the glorious, spring-coloured emerald! It’s also the gemstone traditionally give for twentieth and thirty-fifth wedding anniversaries.

Emerald is the green to bluish green variety of the mineral family beryl. If the beryl's color is greenish blue then it is an aquamarine. If it is greenish yellow it is heliodor.

The first known emerald mines were in Egypt, dating from at least 330 BC and Cleopatra was known for her passion for emeralds. Emeralds have now been mined in Colombia from the 1600’s and these mines count for 70-80% of the worlds source. Other areas where they are mined are Brazil and Zambia. Legend has it that wearing emeralds give you the ability to foresee the future as well as making the wearer an eloquent speaker. Its color reflects new spring growth, which makes it the perfect choice of a birthstone for the month of May and wearing it is the perfect way to add a pop of spring colour to your wardrobe!

The Swiss Blue birthstone collection for May consists of bracelets and earrings created with emerald Swarovski crystals (which enables us to keep an attractive price point) and using sterling silver or gold filled beads and earhoops. Both these precious metals are hypo-allergenic and lightweight, so they are ideal for everyday wear.

Liz Le Feuvre

Liz set up Swiss Blue jewellery three years ago and is inspired by the colours and textures found by the lakes and mountains in Switzerland. She enjoys creating pieces that are attractive and enduring, using high quality materials and stones, and loves to make jewellery that makes YOU feel special everyday!

Free shipping is offered throughout Switzerland and all these items can be found online at the website​ on Facebookor Instagram

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